Postnatal care


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Postnatal care is the care provided to mothers and newborns in the first six weeks after the baby’s birth.

It is very important for the health and well-being of you and your newborn baby that you receive postnatal care. Postnatal care can help identify common life-threatening complications, reduce infection after childbirth, and reduce deaths from prematurity or low birth weight.

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What happens during postnatal care?

During postnatal care, the focus is on routine assessments that will help identify and treat any issues for both mother and baby. This can include:

  • Assessments for bleeding and anaemia
  • Monitoring and treating infection
  • Identifying and managing postnatal depression
  • Support for breastfeeding
  • Support with nutrition
  • Counselling on birth spacing
  • Temperature and weight checks for baby
  • Vaccinations
  • Referring babies with special needs for further care where necessary

What happens after postnatal care?

After postnatal care, babies are transitioned to young child clinics where any care needs are managed as required.