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Keeping track of your baby’s development

Giving your child a great start to life and being an awesome mom starts way before their birth.

Reproductive health



29 November 2021  •  5 m read

How your body changes after birth

Whether you had a caesarean or vaginal birth, be prepared for a few changes.


2 November 2021  •  6 m read

Why are my breasts painful?

Feeling a twinge of pain in your breasts can be a worry, but breast pain is common and, on its own, is rarely a…


13 September 2021  •  6 m read

How can I have a healthy pregnancy?

From check-ups at the clinic to planning your baby’s birth, the right antenatal care will help you to have a safe…


13 August 2021  •  5 m read

How do I know if I’m pregnant?

Waiting for your period to arrive can be agonizing if you think you might be pregnant. Whether a positive pregnancy…


12 July 2021  •  5 m read

When can I have sex without a condom with my boyfriend?

Find out what you and your partner need to consider before thinking about having unprotected sex.


15 June 2021  •  6 m read

Why have my periods changed?

If your period bleeding is so much that it’s making your life difficult, it’s time to get it checked out.


31 May 2021  •  5 m read

How can I spot the signs of cervical cancer?

The earlier cervical cancer can be detected the better, but signs and symptoms can be tough to spot. Find out more.


11 May 2021  •  6 m read

Do I have a sexually transmitted infection?

If you’re worried you’ve caught a Sexually Transmitted Infection, the good news is most are treatable,…


17 December 2020  •  1 m read

What you need to know about menstruation

We’ve got a short video explaining menstruation, what you might call periods or time-of-the-month.

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